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  • Poli

Laws Failed to Stop Texas Shooter, Paul Ryan Tells Laura Ingraham

There were laws on the books that could have prevented alleged Texas church shooter Devin…

  • Poli

Sorry, Bret Stephens, the Rights of the People Are Permanent

The "progressive" jabbering heads on television and their elitist, opinion-writing brethren can't stop operating under the assumption…

  • Pop

Why Jimmy Kimmel, Other Celebs Are Wrong About Guns

Jimmy Kimmel's most recent late-night show monologues have had very little to do with laughs…

  • Mom

Leave My Guns Alone

Those who are against the lawful owning of firearms by citizens of this country often…

  • Mom

Good Guys with Guns Stop Bad Guys with Guns

As news unfolded last week in this country, many things got splashed across our television screens…

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