Tag: Federation for American Immigration Reform

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Trump Tightens Rules on Immigrants with Terrorism Ties

In a little-noticed move recently, President Donald Trump's administration reversed a policy adopted by his…

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U.S. Businesses Loading Up on Foreign Workers

American companies continued to hire foreign laborers in 2017 to work in landscaping, hotel and…

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Crackdown: Large-Scale Dairy Farmer Pleads Guilty to Harboring 100 Illegal Immigrants

A dairy farmer in Michigan pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal charges of harboring more than…

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Africans, Asians Make Up Changing Face of U.S. Immigration

The number of U.S. residents who were born in Mexico declined for the third consecutive…

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Congress Plots to Sneak Legal Immigration Hike into Spending Bill

When Congress finally gets around to passing a giant spending bill to keep the government…

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