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  • Mom

Eight Sensational Tips to Spice Up Your Autumn

The days are shorter, the temperatures are cooler, and kids are back in school. You've…

  • Pop

‘Hollywood Is the World’s Capital of Hypocrisy,’ Says Screenwriter

Hollywood is having a rough time getting audiences to theaters. Plagued with scandals surrounding filmmakers…

  • Faith

The Weak Voice of a Single Priest Can Bring God’s Song to Earth

When a mathematical problem stumped Professor Einstein, he played Mozart on his violin to put…

  • Pop

Look Who’s Getting a TV Deal for His Political Thriller

The TV rights to an upcoming novel co-written by former President Bill Clinton have been…

  • Pop

Three Movies Still in Theaters That Conservatives Should See Now

Increasingly political celebrities and lackluster content are beginning to make many in America turn away…

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