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MSNBC Analyst Says It’s ‘Unfortunate’ Voters Shape Public Policy

MSNBC political analyst Elise Jordan complained Wednesday about how "unfortunate" it is that the Republican…

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Voter Fraud Concerns Hang Over Gov Races in Virginia, New Jersey

A potentially messy fight over absentee ballots in Atlantic City, New Jersey, highlights Election Day…

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Democrats Done with Pelosi: Members Have Active Discussions Over Ouster

A growing number of Democrats are calling for Nancy Pelosi to step down as their…

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Researcher Claims Millions of Non-Citizens Voting in U.S. Elections

A new study of immigration in the U.S. found that up to 5.7 million non-citizens…

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Midterm Danger: GOP Faces Galvanized Dem Base, Historical Trends

As Republicans gear up to defend their House and Senate majorities next year, they will…

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