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Voter Fraud Concerns Hang Over Gov Races in Virginia, New Jersey

A potentially messy fight over absentee ballots in Atlantic City, New Jersey, highlights Election Day…

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Durbin Expands Russia Hysteria to Voter Fraud Commission: ‘Exactly What Putin Wants’

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) pushed the application of Russian hysteria into new territory…

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Democratic Official: Even Small-Scale Fraud Can ‘Sway the Outcome’ of Elections

Liberals often dismiss concerns about voter fraud and argue that even modest measures to increase…

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Soros-Funded Groups Fight to Stop Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission

President Donald Trump's voter fraud commission announced late Monday it's temporarily suspending its collection of…

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Why Is GOP-Led Arizona Stonewalling Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission?

Arizona is one of 14 states refusing to hand over any voter data to President…

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