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Alan Dershowitz on Trump, Flynn: ‘This Isn’t Watergate’

Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz pushed back against the narrative that President Donald…

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An Exceptional America: We’re Divided Yet United

We can't turn on the television, radio or computer today without seeing the divisions in America.…

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Clarence Thomas: My Job Was Worth the Struggle

The opportunity to play a vital role on the Supreme Court, 26 years after a…

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Sorry, Bret Stephens, the Rights of the People Are Permanent

The "progressive" jabbering heads on television and their elitist, opinion-writing brethren can't stop operating under the assumption…

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David Clarke: ‘You Have to Strip Away the Emotion’ from DACA Debate

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said that once "you strip away the emotion" clouding…

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