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Chelsea Handler Blames You-Know-Who for California Fires

While first responders were furiously fighting raging wildfires in California and families were evacuating their…

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Kathy Griffin Still Desperately Tries to Play the Victim

Disgraced comedian Kathy Griffin uploaded a YouTube video last Saturday that she calls her "State…

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Controversial Comedian Louis C.K. Fesses Up

Louis C.K. admitted Friday that the accusations made by five women who claim the comedian…

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Louis C.K.’s Film Premiere Canceled as Allegations Swirl

The New York premiere of Louis C.K.'s upcoming film title "I Love You, Daddy" was…

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Predictable but Awful: Chelsea Handler Blames the GOP for Church Shooting

In the first hours after the¬†deadly mass shooting¬†at a Texas church, many details about the…

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