Tag: Civil War

  • Poli

An Exceptional America: We’re Divided Yet United

We can't turn on the television, radio or computer today without seeing the divisions in America.…

  • Poli

Liberals Lose Their Minds After John Kelly Calls Robert E. Lee ‘Honorable’

After White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that…

  • Faith

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Syria’s Christians

Accurate reporting about what is really happening in Syria is hard to come by —…

  • Poli

Robert E. Lee Works Poorly as the Left’s Confederate Villain

Robert E. Lee is undoubtedly spinning in his grave. The long-departed former Confederate general has…

  • Poli

Left Conflates Southern Heritage with Hate in Wake of Charlottesville

In states across the Old South, left-wing protestors targeted Confederate statues and monuments Monday in…

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