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  • Poli

Bomb Explodes at Port Authority in New York

Using a crude device, a suicide bomber tried to blow up parts of the New…

  • Pop

Toby Keith Reveals Inspiration Behind His Post-9/11 Hit Song

Toby Keith sat down to write his now-hit song "Courtesy of the Red, White and…

  • Poli

‘Mother of All Bombs’ ISIS Kill Total Rises to 94

The number of Islamic State fighters killed when the the U.S. dropped its most powerful…

  • Poli

The Faces of Terror

Some may call it "violent extremism," but we'll call it how we see it: terrorism.…

  • Poli

Hillary’s Hollow Call for ‘Tough Vetting’

In the wake of new terrorists attacks carried out against American citizens by foreign-born Muslim…

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