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Facts Refute Lisa Bloom’s Denials on Paying Trump Accusers, Reporter Says

Responding to Lisa Bloom's characterization of him as a "far-right journalist," investigative reporter John Solomon…

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Outrage Aside, Law Is Murky Regarding Russian Facebook Ads

The Russia boogeyman du jour focuses on ads that a Kremlin-backed "troll farm" bought on…

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Hillary Frames Familiar Foes in Cushy CNN Interview

If viewers tuning in to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper's big interview with Hillary Clinton on…

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Fatigue: Public Losing Interest in Russia as Media Frenzy Rages

On the pages of America's major newspapers and the screens displaying its cable news outlets, concern…

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Comey Hearing Forgotten Bombshell — Lynch Interference

The main headlines out of former FBI Director James Comey's Senate testimony on Thursday focused…

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