CIA Director: ISIS Capability Not Reduced

ISIS militants are training and attempting to deploy operatives for more attacks on the West, CIA Director John Brennan told Congress Thursday. He added that the terror group will rely more on guerilla-style tactics in order to make up for their territorial losses.

Brennan stressed that despite efforts by the U.S., the group’s capability has not been reduced: “Unfortunately, despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach,” Brennan said in his address.

Using the deadly Orlando shootings as an example, Brennan pointed out that ISIS has a “large cadre of Western fighters” who continue to inspire supporters with no “direct links” to the terror group to attack on their own, such as in Sunday’s Orlando shooting.

“…the group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the West, including refugee flows, smuggling routes, and legitimate methods of travel,” Brennan said.

In order to have a significant effect on ISIS, the group would have to suffer great losses, even more than it has recently. It would also need to have great territorial, financial and manpower losses in order to have it’s terrorist capacity decline significantly. Brennan even said that the more pressure that mounts on ISIS, the more it will intensify its global “terror campaign” in order to keep its leadership in the “global terrorism agenda.”

Brennan’s eye-opening statements are in direct opposition to President Obama’s. The president’s rhetoric about ISIS is that the group is being handled, contained or neutralized. It is clear from the CIA director’s assertions, however, that Obama’s policies on terrorism are not working and it is time to do something different, something that will actually work to keep their country safe.

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