The deportation process is on the minds of government officials in Sweden. They’re planning to deport up to 80,000 refugees who arrived in the country last year. That process is expected to take place over the next few years, said Fox News.

About 45 percent of asylum applications are currently rejected, and the country must prepare to send back tens of thousands of the 163,000 people who sought shelter in Sweden in 2015. The interior minister estimated that about 60,000 people would be expelled, but the numbers could go as high as 80,000.

Sweden, along with Germany, was the top destination for asylum-seekers in Europe last year. The country received one of the highest numbers of refugees per capita in the European Union.

Typically, asylum-seekers are sent out of the country on commercial flights. However, because of the excessive number of people expected to be deported, Sweden will use specifically chartered aircraft, Fox News reported.