Weinstein Victim Recalls Harassment from Years Ago

Revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abuse and harassment of women may only be coming out publicly in 2017 — but the stories go back decades.

Even before Weinstein was a titan in his industry, he seemed to be up to reprehensible behavior.

A production assistant on one of Weinstein’s first produced efforts, 1981’s “The Burning,” has come forward to tell a story of harassment similar to many other recent tales about the producer.

Paula Wachowiak was a 24-year-old college student in Buffalo, New York, looking for a summer internship to gain some experience and extra credit for school.

She ended up as a production assistant on "The Burning," where she had a run-in with Weinstein.

"Nobody knew who he was back then," Wachowiak told Laura Ingraham on "The Laura Ingraham Show" Tuesday morning about her experience with Weinstein.

Wachowiak had been asked by the accounting department one day to bring checks to Weinstein to have them signed. Weinstein was warned Wachowiak would be heading to his hotel room.

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When Wachowiak arrived, she found Weinstein wearing nothing but a hand towel around his waist.

The production assistant said she assumed "this is how people in this industry are" and she did her best to ignore the producer's lack of clothing — which became more difficult when Weinstein dropped the towel.

"I got a kink in my shoulder. Will you rub it out?" she remembered Weinstein asking her. Though she refused the massage, she said she didn't leave the room or do anything else to resist his behavior because "I wanted to fit in with this group of people I was working with."

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When Wachowiak finally left the room with the checks, she recalled, "I was shaking and I was crying." She said afterward she told someone in the accounting department, who assured her later he confronted Weinstein about the incident and told him that behavior was unacceptable.

"I avoided him the rest of the time."

"I just avoided him the rest of the time," Wachowiak said of Weinstein. She revealed that at a wrap party later, the producer approached her again and asked, "Was it the best part of your internship getting to see me naked?"

Wachowiak replied, "No. It was disgusting."

Last Modified: October 17, 2017, 1:06 pm

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