Tiffany Trump Bullied During New York Fashion Week

President Donald Trump’s 23-year-old daughter, Tiffany, found an unlikely ally after she was bullied at New York Fashion Week.

Tiffany Trump was attending the Philipp Plein show on Valentine’s Day when she found that the seats next to her were suddenly emptying.

Many rushed to Tiffany Trump’s defense, including designer Philipp Plein himself.

Former Wall Street Journal columnist Christina Binkley took a photo of the empty seats next to Tiffany Trump and tweeted, “Nobody wants to sit next to Tiffany Trump.” Two fashion editors had reportedly gotten up and left their seats after Trump sat down.

Binkley clarified later through Twitter that eventually the seats were filled. Many rushed to Tiffany Trump's defense, including designer Philipp Plein himself, who felt that treating the president's daughter like a pariah was wrong. "Tiffany Trump is not a politician, she's a teenager," he told TMZ. "I'm not here to judge. I just think it's not right to treat someone without respect because she is the daughter of somebody you don't like."

Also coming to Trump's defense was co-host of "The View" and comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Though she is no fan of President Trump, Goldberg expressed Wednesday how she was appalled by the treatment of the president's daughter.

"Elle magazine's senior fashion editor tweeted that she and other editors changed their seats so they weren't near the first daughter Tiffany Trump," said Goldberg. "There were also photos posted of Tiffany with empty seats next to her. You know what, Tiffany, I'm supposed to go to a couple more shows, I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm coming to sit with you."

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She also said, "She doesn't want to talk about her dad. She is looking at the fashion. And for Elle magazine, a magazine that says it's a women's magazine, to do this?"

Tiffany Trump thanked Goldberg for her support — tweeting, "Thank you @WhoopiGoldberg I'd love to sit with you too!"

As we've witnessed previously — when celebrities bullied President Donald Trump's 10-year old son, Barron, and various leftist public figures spread divisive comments — many are letting go of the rules of human decency when it comes to the Trump family.

Just because someone doesn't like the president doesn't mean it's OK to bully a child or treat a young woman in such a cruel way, as some at Fashion Week did. This treatment would never be tolerated if Barack Obama were still president, and it shouldn't be tolerated under President Trump. When people overstep the lines of decency and begin bullying undeserving people, more people on the Left should have the courage to speak up — as Goldberg and Plein did on this occasion.

Last Modified: February 16, 2017, 8:28 pm

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