Five Sequels You Never Knew Existed

These terrible cash-in films all have fascinating stories behind their dubious origins

by Zachary Leeman | Updated 30 May 2017 at 1:46 PM

Sequels can sometimes provide interesting opportunities for writers and producers to expand on a beloved film, to add something unique to an established formula, and to dive deeper into characters that had previously fascinated audiences.

“The Godfather: Part II,” “T2: Judgement Day,” and “Aliens” are all generally believed to be movies that are equal to or better than their predecessors.

Sequels also present a way for opportunists to simply cash in on a brand name. Sequels can stomp on one’s memories, ruin a beloved childhood movie, stab a viewer in the back — and, worst of all, waste people’s time.

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Many producers create sequels to popular movies, and the general public is none the wiser. The cheapo efforts earn enough curiosity views to pull in a profit — and the unfortunate people who sit through the experience tend to keep quiet about it.

For instance, did you know a sequel to the 2015 sleeper hit “Max” was recently released? The original film was about a Marine bomb-sniffing dog that is given to the family of his deceased owner. The new one is apparently about the same dog (not hard recasting there), which is now guarding the president’s son.

None of the creative team is back for the new movie, and there's of course no advertising effort. The studio simply saw an opportunity to perhaps trick a few audience members into spending a few bucks on a name they recognize.

There's plenty more beyond "Max 2." Just check out these sequels you probably never knew existed.

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"A Christmas Story 2" (2012). The original "Christmas Story" is one of the most beloved coming-of-age movies ever to exist. TBS airs the 1983 movie on a loop for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day each year. It's been a tradition since 1997.

A sequel to "A Christmas Story" was actually released in 1994 called "My Summer Story." It had an entirely new cast, but that sequel seems traditional compared to 2012's direct-to-video cash-in, "A Christmas Story 2."

"My Summer Story" at least followed the first film in taking inspiration from Jean Shepard's novel, "In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash."

The trailer for "A Christmas Story 2" promises an official sequel, but boy is this movie bad. It's almost an essential remake of the first movie, but with far less talent and creativity on display. Instead of wanting a Red Rider BB gun, a now 15-year-old Ralphie wants a 1939 Mercury Eight and a girlfriend to go with it. If it only already sounds bad, take our word for it and trust that it gets worse. The fact that this is deemed an "official" sequel and is now sold in video packs with the original is shameful.

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