Five Facts You Likely Never Knew About ‘The A-Team’

There’s nothing quite like “The A-Team” on television today. Some would say that’s a good thing — while others would say it’s a shame.

Even so, the action-adventure series holds a special place in American pop culture. Focused on the activities of four former members of a fictional United States Army Special Forces unit who help innocent people while on the run from charges for a crime they didn’t commit, the series launched the career of Mr. T and ran for 97 episodes over the course of five seasons, from 1983 to 1987.

A big-budget film reboot was released in 2010, and there's been constant talk of a television revival. Producer Chris Morgan was reportedly hired to begin developing a reboot in 2015.

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But before a full remake hits the small screen, here's a look back at the original classic series — and five facts you may not have known about the famous vigilante team.

1.) The show became a series of novels. Anyone desperate for more "A-Team" adventures can head over to Amazon and pick up some of the novels that were created based on the show. Some are novelizations of certain episodes. Titles included "Bullets" and "Bikinis and Bells." Some were even exclusively published in England.

There were 10 in all. Marvel Comics also turned "The A-Team" into a comic series.

2.) The series finale didn't air at the right time. The last episode of the series was entitled "The Grey Team" and was accidentally aired as the second-to-last episode. The first part of the intended finale, "Without Reservations," was aired as the last episode. The episodes were later pieced together correctly in reruns.

3.) One actor was a replacement. Actor Tim Dunigan originally shot the pilot, playing Templeton "Faceman" Peck. It was determined quickly that he looked much too young to be playing a Vietnam veteran — he wasn't even 30 at the time. Dirk Benedict was brought in to replace him.

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4.) Mr. T never actually said, "I pity the fool." It's a common misconception that Mr. T's famous "I pity the fool" line came from "The A-Team." Though the show was his biggest project as an actor and he's often uttered the line afterward while reinhabiting the rage-filled role of B.A. Baracus, it was never directly said. He did, however, often call people "fools" or "suckers" on the show.

5.) Murdock's first name was never revealed. The one character who never had his first name revealed throughout the series was Capt. H.M "Howling Mad" Murdock. The others all had full names revealed to fans: Lt. Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, 1st Lt. Templeton Arthur "Faceman" Peck, Sgt. 1st Class Bosco Albert "Bad Attitude" Baracus.

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