The Five Best Universal Monster Movie Moments

A-lister Tom Cruise will launch a rebooted universe this coming weekend with 'The Mummy'

by Zachary Leeman | Updated 07 Jun 2017 at 12:11 PM

Wolf Man Transformation, “The Wolf Man,” 1941. Just the mere act of taking on the task of a “transformation” scene in 1941 is something to be applauded. Werewolf movies since the original “Wolf Man” have relied heavily on the graphic nature of man’s transformation into beast. We’ve seen skin ripped off, teeth fall out, bones break, and much more as visual effects have taken the lead — but this 1941 scene remains impressive all the same, more so for the fact that it has so little to work with and is still effective.

Much is left to the imagination — which is part of the horror. The fact that this could even be pulled off in any way in the ’40s is astounding.

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  2. brendan-fraser
  3. bride-of-frankenstein
  4. dracula
  5. javier-bardem
  6. johnny-depp
  7. russell-crowe
  8. the-mummy
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