The Five Best Universal Monster Movie Moments

A-lister Tom Cruise will launch a rebooted universe this coming weekend with 'The Mummy'

by Zachary Leeman | Updated 07 Jun 2017 at 12:11 PM

I Am Dracula, “Dracula,” 1931. Bela Lugosi defined Dracula when he brought the character to the screen in 1931. Every performance since has emulated some part of Lugosi’s original effort, from the voice to the walk to the tiniest of mannerisms.

When Dracula is first introduced, it’s the perfect setting. From Lugosi’s accent and calm and collected manner to the surrounding spiderweb-infested mansion, we know something horrific is happening, and we know this is a man with a frightening history. Love him or hate him, Lugosi owned the screen as “Dracula” and created the most memorable universal monster with this film.

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