Trump: Clinton Corruption a Threat to ‘Our Constitutional System’

GOP nominee hammers Clinton in wake of FBI bombshell, 'biggest political scandal since Watergate'

by Kathryn Blackhurst | 29 Oct 2016 at 6:20 PM

Donald Trump lambasted Hillary Clinton for her “corruption” that “threatens the very foundations of our constitutional system” during a rally Saturday in Colorado the day after the FBI announced it had reopened its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

The GOP nominee speculated the evidence newly found by the FBI must be “so overwhelming” because “they wouldn’t have done this unless it was overwhelming.” Trump urged the American people to fight back against the deeply entrenched corruption of the political establishment and Clinton at the voting booth come Nov. 8.

“A vote for Hillary is a vote to surrender our government to public corruption, graft and cronyism that threatens the very foundations of our constitutional system.”

“A vote for Hillary is a vote to surrender our government to public corruption, graft and cronyism that threatens the very foundations of our constitutional system,” Trump told the crowd gathered in Golden, Colorado. “What makes us exceptional is that we are a nation of laws and that we are equal – we are equal under those laws. Hillary’s corruption shreds that foundational principle.”

Trump warned of deep cultural implications if the corruption of the political class and the distrust of the government among the people continued unchecked.

“But if our system isn’t properly run it becomes detached and the people become detached. Our society becomes unhinged and unplugged,” Trump said. “When the powerful can get away with anything because they have the money and the connections to rig the system, then the laws toward moral authority no longer exist.”

Trump noted that, "real change also means getting rid of the corruption in Washington."

"This is the biggest political scandal since Watergate, and it’s everybody’s deepest hope that justice at last can be properly delivered," Trump declared. "Hillary has nobody to blame but herself for her mounting legal troubles. Her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful."

The GOP nominee said the Department of Justice mishandled the initial investigation into Clinton’s emails and let her off the hook this summer.

"Hillary should have been convicted long ago. She should have been convicted," Trump said. "This is what we mean when we call it a 'rigged' system. This is what we mean."

"Public corruption is a grave and profound threat to a democracy. Government corruption spreads outward like a cancer and infects the operations of the government itself. If the corruption is not removed, then the people are not able to have faith in their government," Trump added. "It deadens and saps the spirit of civic participation when you see what’s gone on. Corruption decays our trust in institutions and our legal system itself. When the outcome is fixed, when the system is rigged, people lose hope – not only in the system, but in our country itself."

With only 10 days left until Nov. 8, Trump asked the American people vote for change and to hold their elected officials accountable.

"We must and we will save America and that is why my contract with the American voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and to take our country back from the special interests and the donors," Trump said. "I want the entire corrupt Washington establishment to hear … the words of us – not me, it’s us. When we win on November 8th, we are going to Washington, D.C. and we will drain the swamp."

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