Spanish Territory Invaded by Weapon-Wielding Migrants

Ceuta suffers third orchestrated attack from North African mobs in three months

by Edmund Kozak | Updated 17 Feb 2017 at 12:59 PM

Roughly 700 migrants stormed the six-foot-high security fence separating the Spanish North African territory of Ceuta from Morocco Thursday night.

Security footage revealed the invaders, some with shears and clubs, successfully destroying a security gate, police said.

According to the Ceuta government, 498 of the migrants were able to force their way into Spanish territory, injuring nearly a dozen Spanish police officers in the process.

Ceuta is frequently besieged by migrants seeking to settle in Europe. On New Year's Day, over 1,000 Africans stormed Ceuta in an attack Spanish officials described as "extremely violent and organized."

In December 2016, Ceuta was stormed by roughly 800 migrants, 438 of whom succeeded in infiltrating Spanish territory. In October 2016, roughly 200 African migrants forced their way into Ceuta.

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