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RNC Chair: Bush Is Not Helping the Country by Bashing Trump

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel expressed her disappointment in former President George W. Bush’s recent anti-Trump speech, saying Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that she wished party leaders would have come out earlier, such as when 60 members of Congress refused to attend the inauguration.

Bush earned profuse praise from the Left and the Establishment Republicans who are opposed to President Donald Trump and his populist conservative agenda when he gave a speech Thursday in New York saying, “bigotry seems emboldened” at this point in U.S. history, as “white supremacy” has gained a platform and “globalization” is at risk. Though he didn’t mention Trump by name, his words were widely understood to be an attack on the new president and his administration.

"I just wish we'd have had leaders coming out in January when 60 congressional members boycotted the inauguration and people were putting out the hashtag #NotMyPresident and speaking then and saying, 'We need to rally behind our commander-in-chief. We want him to succeed. Our country is more important than our party,'" McDaniel said.

"This president has faced such obstruction," she said, "and really, leaders from both parties have not stepped forward and said, 'We need to unify around our president ... just like I had the benefit when I was president of having people unify around me.'"

"And instead, they continue to double down on division," McDaniel continued. "And it's not helping our country, and it's not helping our president and it's certainly not helping the American people, who are hoping for change because they're hurting, because of the failures of Barack Obama and his presidency."

Ever since Trump clinched his Election Day victory on November 8, Establishment Republicans and Democrats have struggled to accept the new president and even acted to resist the populist conservative agenda the American voters chose.

"It feels like a personal attack," McDaniel said. "And here's what I see — nobody seems to be learning … the lessons of this election. They still look down on the Trump voter as either uneducated or angry or racist or whatever. We're still those 'deplorables.'"

Regarding the Democratic Party in particular, McDaniel said, "There isn't a recognition" that the party "has gone so far left, so far progressive, they really only represent the elite, coastal, redistributionist, status quo big government." As a result of this blindness and lack of recognition, she said, the Democrats have "lost the middle of the country."

"And the middle of the country looked at President Trump and they said, 'Finally somebody who's fighting for hard-working Americans, who recognizes our wages have been stagnant, who recognizes that jobs aren't coming to this country because we are engaging in bad trade, who's recognizing that we don't have lobbyists on our behalf in Washington, D.C.," she said.

"And President Trump represented all of that to the middle of the country," McDaniel continued. "And these are good, hard-working patriotic people who were looking for help. And Democrats still continue to insult them every single day through President Trump and by extension, like you said, they're insulting every single voter that voted for President Trump."

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