Polish Interior Minister: Uncontrolled Migration a ‘Noose Around Europe’s Neck’

Officials in Eastern European nation ramp up rhetoric alongside request for EU to drop legal action

by Edmund Kozak | Updated 24 Aug 2017 at 10:56 AM

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak blasted the EU’s migration policies on Wednesday in the wake of a string of radical Islamic terror attacks across Europe.

“Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin, Manchester, Barcelona,” Blaszczak’s statement read. “How many more European cities have to be hit by terrorists so the European Union wakes up? So the European Commission acknowledges that accepting blindly all those who come to the European shores is akin to putting a noose around Europe’s neck?”

The interior minister’s statement echoed comments he made to the Polish press only the day before. He claimed that “Poland is safe” because it had resisted the EU’s compulsory migrant resettlement plan and — unlike countries such as France, Spain, and the United Kingdom — has “no enclaves where people do not integrate to the country where they emigrated.”

The Islamic terrorist attack in Barcelona was the inevitable and "tragic end" of EU policies that are "inciting millions of people to cross the sea to come to Europe," said Blaszczak. "It is dangerous. Europe should wake up. We are dealing here with a clash of civilizations."

Hours after Blaszczak's Wednesday statement, the Polish government officially requested that the European Union drop current legal proceedings launched against the Eastern European country over its refusal to comply with resettlement quotas.

"Poland has sent a motion to the European Commission requesting it to discontinue its ongoing infringement procedure. Should it be continued, Poland is prepared to argue its case before the Court of Justice of the European Union," the Polish Foreign Ministry said in an official statement.

Earlier this month, at least five separate incidents of Islamic terror occurred in Europe over the course of only three days. On August 16, a woman reportedly died in an explosion in Alcanar, Spain, after an Islamic cleric accidentally detonated the bomb he was building. August 17 saw three coordinated attacks in Spain by an Islamic terror cell — two in Barcelona and one in Cambrils. And on August 18 a man allegedly yelling "Allahu Akbar" stabbed two women to death in Turku, Finland.

The latest acts of Islamic terror in Europe have also accompanied an increasing — though belated — recognition by some that mass migration of Muslims has raised significant security concerns.

On Wednesday Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj warned that Islamic terrorists were taking advantage of the EU's migrant and free-movement policies. "When migrants reach Europe, they will move freely," said al-Sarraj. "If, God forbid, there are terrorist elements among the migrants, a result of any incident will affect all of the EU."

(photo credit, homepage image: Boston9/Irish Defense Forces, Wikimedia/Flickr; photo credit, article image: premierrp/JouWatch, Flickr)

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