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Pat Buchanan: We Don’t Need ‘Lectures on Morality from Bill and Hillary’

Conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan said that the United States is not “in need of lectures on morality from Bill and Hillary Clinton” in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, during an interview Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Buchanan, a former senior adviser to President Reagan, reacted to comments the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee made pushing for gun control after gunman Stephen Paddock open fire on country music concertgoers, in a tragedy that killed at least 58 people and wounded more than 500 others. During an interview Monday on the Center for American Progress’ podcast, Clinton bashed the Republican Party for what she termed a “heartbreaking” moral failure by supporting Second Amendment rights.

"It is a sign of the deep dysfunction of this government and this Republican Party that has been taken over by extreme elements to the point that they are doing whatever they're told to do," Clinton said. "There is no room for discretion, for conscience. It is heartbreaking."

Buchanan responded to Clinton, saying, "We may have a lot of failings on our side of the fence, but I'm not sure that we are in need of lectures on morality from Bill and Hillary Clinton, frankly, you know, on what is right and what your conscience teaches you to do, et cetera."

The conservative political commentator also noted the similarities between Clinton's disparaging comments and remarks former first lady Michelle Obama made at a marketing conference in Boston on September 27. Obama said women who voted for President Donald Trump against Clinton "voted against their own voice" and "just like the thing you're told to like."

"The protests and the wailing — Hillary Clinton was heavily favored, the odds-on favorite candidate for the nomination in the election, and she lost to the folks she describes," Buchanan said. "Now that says more to me about her and her inabilities and her lack of connection with the American people than it does about anybody else."

The Democratic Party itself, he said, has no right to take the moral high ground after mass shootings while bashing the Second Amendment-supporting GOP.

"We're a country that since 1973 I think has carried out, you know, 55 million abortions — the destruction of the lives of unborn children, some of them all the way, many of them moved almost to birth. And then to be lecturing folks on morality? You know, I don't think we need it," Buchanan said. "[Democrats] get back on the same hobbyhorse and start riding it again and again and again every time one of these incidents occurs."

Buchanan suggested that the prevalence of mass shootings in the 21st century can trace many of their beginnings to the 1950s with "the complete de-Christianization of the culture," when "the prohibitions in society and the restraints and the beliefs that people followed about modesty and decency and morality and things" were cut at their roots.

But he also blasted media outlets for allotting frenzied 24/7 coverage to Paddock in the aftermath of his mass shooting spree in Las Vegas.

"You've got every commentator talking about it. We're talking about it a couple of days later," Buchanan said. "And this guy is a nobody, and now he's a somebody."

"This is the currency he wanted to be paid in. And he's being paid. This was a success for this guy because he found, I mean — we've got North Korea and Puerto Rico and everything off page one, and you read more and more about him," he added. "And nobody gave a damn about that guy for his whole life, and now everybody in the world is talking handwriting about him, which is his reward. He succeeded."

Last Modified: October 9, 2017, 5:35 pm

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