The Democrats’ New Constituency: Criminals

The party always searching for victims has found new ones — criminals

by Edmund Kozak | Updated 05 Aug 2016 at 2:33 PM

President Obama’s recent round of commutations are just the latest outrage that illustrates the extent to which the Democratic Party has become the party of lawlessness.

The Democrats have long claimed to be the tolerant and inclusive party. Having exhausted their outreach toward — and exploitation of — every possible victim group, they have extended that tolerance and inclusion toward victimizers.

This so-called new civil rights movement that the Democratic Party has eagerly embraced is not a black civil rights movement but a black criminal rights movement.

Indeed, objective observers cannot deny the mounting evidence that the Democratic Party has decided that criminals are its newest constituency, and is making significant efforts to reach out to criminals across the country.

When Democratic presidents aren’t ordering the premature release of violent criminals from prison, Democratic lawmakers — with the unfortunate aid of some popularity-starved, virtue-signaling Republicans — are trying to legislate the same thing.

Proponents of federal prison reform portray it as a corrective measure to address America’s enormous prison population, one that will keep dangerous criminals in prison whilst freeing those who don’t deserve to be there — and save the country a bunch of money too.

This argument is utter hogwash. There are only 196,000 criminals in federal prisons. Releasing each and every one of them wouldn’t make a dent in the overall prison population in America.

Moreover, the notion that these offenders are “nonviolent” is wishful thinking. In order to receive a 10-year mandatory federal sentence, one must be convicted of trafficking at least 1,000 kilograms — more than one ton — of marijuana, over 5 kilograms of cocaine, or at least a kilogram of heroin. Moving that sort of weight comes with hefty helping of organized, violent crime.

And when Democrats on the national stage aren't trying to flood the streets with gangsters, Democrats on the local stage are trying to restore voting rights to those with criminal records. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe's brazen attempt to unilaterally restore the voting rights of 200,000 felons was recently struck down by the Virginia Supreme Court.

But the Democrats' obsession with defending and providing for criminals extends to foreign criminals as well as domestic ones. Indeed, the entire Democratic Party platform celebrates and rewards lawbreakers — especially illegal immigrants. The Department of Homeland Security even issued guidelines on its website, noting the locations in which Border Patrol agents cannot make arrests.

Their intense defense of sanctuary cities clearly illustrates that as far as the Democrats are concerned, criminal illegal aliens are martyrs — but all illegal aliens are criminals. Entering the country illegally is a crime.

The Democrats want to protect those criminals, to give them taxpayer money and eventually voting rights. In a possible violation of federal law, the 2016 Democratic National Convention even featured two illegal aliens.

Hispanic illegal aliens weren't the only ones celebrated by the Democrats at the DNC this year. The speaker line-up included the Black Lives Matter affiliate, Mothers of the Movement. The group includes the mother of Mike Brown, a violent criminal who was shot while trying to murder a police officer, and whose friend's false testimony of the events surrounding his death launched the entire BLM movement.

In complaining about the disproportionate dealings between law enforcement and the black community, the anti-white racialists in the Democratic Party are trying to turn an issue of criminality in the black community into an issue of racism in the white community. When Democrats complain about the "discipline gap" between black and white and Hispanic children, they are claiming that the consequence of broken homes and communities is actually the result of a racist education system.

While it may seem shocking to some, the Democratic Party's enthusiastic support for criminal elements across America (and its border) is the inevitable result of the leftist ideology that drives the progressive movement.

A defining feature of modern leftism is moral relativism — the belief that there are no universal moral truths, but that "right and wrong" are in the eye of the beholder. One cannot promote moral relativism without attacking what is objectively True and Good, and one cannot attack what is objectively True and Good without defending what is objectively False and Evil. Thus the party of "progress" becomes the party of crime.

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