Kellyanne Conway to CNN’s Brian Stelter: Stop Being So Jealous of Fox News

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway ripped CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter, telling him during an interview Sunday to “stop being so jealous of Fox News” and its high ratings.

Conway and Stelter engaged in a tense back-and-forth exchange after the CNN host asked Conway to address the latest ABC News/Washington Poll indicating that the president’s approval rating has slumped to an all-time low after nine months in office. When Stelter asked Conway how the White House would respond to such a “credibility crisis” for the administration, Conway blasted Stelter and his network for their blatantly “anti-Trump” coverage.

Stelter refused to label CNN as "anti-Trump," telling Conway, "We're not anti-Trump, Kellyanne, we're pro-truth. We're pro-honesty. We're pro-decency."

"And this is a tough moment in American history for people that support facts and decency," Stelter continued.

But Conway wasn't convinced.

"CNN used to be a place where people can tune in and get the news all day long. Now they get spin and people's opinions. I think CNN should own it," she said. "Why not say, 'Look, it's in our commercial interest at CNN to be anti-Trump. We're profitable if we're against the president, most of our viewers are against the president.' Just own it."

"The country doesn't need you to spin and filter what the president just said anymore. They read his tweets when you read his tweets. It is a democratization of information," Conway added.

Stelter told Conway that she doesn't "want an adversarial media" to cover the president and his administration, saying, "I guess you want everyone to be like Fox News."

After rebuffing Stelter's suggestion, Conway said she wanted "an honest media" before taunting CNN for its relatively lackluster ratings when compared with Fox News' ratings.

"Stop being so jealous of Fox News, Brian, and their ratings. I think it would help a little bit if you dropped the jealousy," Conway said.

After the contentious interview aired, Stelter took to Twitter, writing, "I welcome everyone's feedback about the interview — good bad & in between."

Last Modified: November 5, 2017, 7:24 pm

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