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(photo credit: Kellogg's)

Ken Hakuta’s mom sent him the nation’s first known Wacky Wall Walker as a gift from Japan. Fascinated by the gooey blob that seemed to “walk down” any wall at which it was thrown, Hakuta bought the rights for $100,000 and began marketing the product in the Washington, D.C., area in the 1980s. The Washington Post stumbled on Hakuta’s product and wrote about it, starting one of the greatest fads of all time. Within a few months, more than 240 million of these were sold, netting the inventor a cool $80 million. Not bad for slimy goo.

  1. beanie-babies
  2. fidget-spinner
  3. flowbee
  4. headon
  5. hula-hoop
  6. koosh-ball
  7. krazy-straw
  8. pet-rock
  9. silly-putty
  10. slideshow
  11. slinky
  12. smiley-faces
  13. snuggie
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