Barbie Gets Her Period

Iconic doll tries to replace mother-daughter talks

by Deirdre Reilly | Updated 23 Sep 2015 at 1:28 PM

In the latest fairy-tale crushing move from toy makers, a Barbie doll that experiences her menstrual cycle has hit the market.

The new Lammily brand of Barbie can be paired with a “Period Party” accessory pack, which includes more items than you really want to know about — including tiny doll-sized underwear, a calendar, and dot stickers to keep track of a menstruation cycle, as well as an informational pamphlet.

One of the Barbies can be purchased with optional stickers that represent scars, pimples, and cellulite.

“That’s just gross,” said Kacey Holden, 26, owner of an equestrian business on the north shore in Massachusetts. “It’s more realistic, sure, but do we always need reality?”

Nickolay Lamm, a 26-year-old artist, Internet marketer, and creator of the Lammily line of dolls, creates average-sized and realistic-looking dolls, complete with thicker waists and legs. One of his Barbies, named Lammily, can be also purchased with optional stickers that represent scars, pimples, and cellulite.

So now what’s next — a Ken doll with a receding hairline, a beer gut, and body odor?

“On average, a woman between the ages of 12 and 51 spends a total of six years on her menstrual period, yet, while being a huge part of female life, this perfectly healthy, natural process is still surrounded by taboos,” reads the pamphlet that comes with this new doll.

Moms aren’t impressed.

“Is there nothing to be spared regarding the sanctity of ‘the talk’ that should happen between a mother and daughter?” asked Mary Hart, who has a son and a daughter, now in college. “I want my daughter to understand this change in herself from the human side. This is ridiculous. What’s next?”

Nickolay Lamm obviously disagrees.

“Let’s start an open and positive conversation about our periods,” the pamphlet also reads. “Learn the facts. Debunk the myths. Celebrate life!”

This is all just sort of creepy.

Hang tough, classic Barbie.

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