Historic American Flag to Return to Philadelphia Birthplace

It's among the earliest surviving 13-star banners — George Washington actually used it during the Revolutionary War

James Rogers

Disney Threatens to Further Harm Its 'Family-Focused' Magic Kingdom

In a blatant push for — what, more money, more people, more cachet? — park is serving alcohol at select restaurants

Kyle Becker

D.E.L.T.A.: A Dog Rescue Outfit Like No Other

Meet the organization and the man behind it who helped put 'no-kill animal shelters' into the lexicon — this group is saving lives every day

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Middle Schoolers in W.Va. Had to Write 'Allah Is the One True God' in Arabic

The separation of church and state apparently only applies to Christians and Christianity in this country

Kyle Becker


On Memorial Day, Let's Remember Those We Truly Honor

America's fallen warriors, including those awarded the Purple Heart, deserve our nation's highest respect

John Cylc