Bad Advice Partly to Blame for Toddler's Death from Flu

Indiana family is reeling after the loss of a child — at least 63 children have passed away from this illness so far this season

Melanie Dadourian

Are You Sitting Down? Standing Desks Aren't That Great

The much-touted health benefits for office workers are way overblown, suggests one recent study

Michele Blood

Wrestling Win for Down Syndrome Student Makes Two Winners

'A young man showed true character. He had lost his match, but instead of focusing on himself,' he reached out to others

Melanie Dadourian

National Guard Summoned to Fight Opioid Disaster

'It's a complex problem, and it needed a complex solution,' says Huntington police chief about West Virginia governor's decision

Rick Leventhal


Weight Watchers Slammed Over Its Free Program for Teens

After the diet company's announcement of new offering to younger set, folks on social media went nuts about 'body shame' and 'fear'

Michele Blood