Mister Rogers Was Right: Love, Kindness and Compassion Really Work

As a new documentary is released, there's fresh evidence that people who express these qualities truly benefit

Richard Gunderman

Bombshell Report: Purdue Pharma Knew Years Ago OxyContin Was Addictive

LifeZette hears from a pharmacist, mugged twice for the drug, about what Americans can learn from the latest information on the painkiller

Elizabeth M. Economou

10 Yummy Childhood Snacks You Can't Buy Anymore

For a blast from the past, click through this fun list of favorite treats — some of these were definitely in your lunchbox

Elizabeth M. Economou

Major Medical News: Many Breast Cancer Patients Don't Need Chemo

Those diagnosed with early-stage disease may choose other effective therapies, says a new study, skipping the awful side effects

Deirdre Reilly


It's Actually a Compliment: This Artist's Work Is Putting Us to Sleep

Smartphone app for those of us who can't catch enough zzzs will add the soothing voice from the late painter

Nicole Darrah