We Must Fight for America on Nov. 8

From the story of a common shepherd comes inspiration to regain our greatness

by Dan Celia | Updated 07 Oct 2016 at 3:05 PM

He was a common, ordinary man — a blue-collar worker of his era.

Still, as a self-employed man and different kind of entrepreneur, he controlled his own destiny.

He was a sheep breeder, but he didn’t have any shepherds working for him. He took care of the common work of shepherding; when he needed a place to graze his sheep, he earned the right to use someone else’s property. He would trade the hard work of harvesting sycamore figs while watching his sheep from atop the trees. He likely moved about the area, following the grazing land for his sheep.

His name was Amos. He was a prophet of God.

This idea might not square with our modern images of success — but God uses common, ordinary people. Amos might be labeled a “minor” prophet. But he was a mighty man of God who:

  • Shared the things the Lord had asked him to share — hard things that the people did not want to hear.
  • Warned about the judgment of God as people grew more and more unrighteous.
  • Spoke with the authority of God — of punishment for people’s iniquities, which God had clearly seen. The Lord had finally grown weary of their lackluster faith.

Relating to Ordinary People
God used an ordinary man to be able to relate to ordinary people. It appears Amos did not fare so well with the wealthy elite of his era. Those men and women were above the prophecy of the Lord, particularly when it came through a common shepherd. (Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, and others seemed to have the same problem.)

In the Book of Amos, we come to the realization that God has a passionate desire and concern for justice. Justice was not some kind of abstract issue with God. It was necessary and relational. Justice allowed people to live together, blending different nationalities and allowing pagans to live with the religious, rich beside the poor, and Jews next to Egyptians.

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When justice breaks down relationships, it breeds anger, hostility, and violence between people. Division can lead to the unrighteousness conquering the righteous. In the Book of Amos, we come to the realization that God created the human race to enjoy good relations with Him and with each other. Therefore, if we have injustice it can only breed alienation and division. I believe this grieves God.

Far-Reaching Consequences
Maybe I’m wrong, but it appears as if we have reached a place in our society where the common, ordinary man is of little consequence to the unjust. It would appear that the will of the minority — the elitists of our society — will impose their views on the majority.

The question is whether the will of the majority will simply go unanswered because they can find no positives in their numbers. They have been divided and separated by the elite. They can’t see beyond the small, segregated group into which they have been divided.

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I believe conservative Christians feel as if their voice, their vote, and their numbers are of little consequence. But the Book of Amos shows us God desires justice and righteousness. The prophet shows us God has a passionate desire for unity and justice for His people.

We have until Nov. 8 to understand we are all the majority, that we are part of the largest voting bloc in the country.

How could it be that His people have been blinded by the unjust, the unrighteous, and those who seek to divide? Could it be that we have bought into the idea that justice is not necessary in our society? That somehow it has become logical that God would be OK with His people being divided into different nationalities, colors, and social classes? That He thinks it’s fine that the religious can’t live with pagans, rich with the poor, white-collar with blue-collar, or politicians with a common shepherd?

Majority Must Arise
If it is true that the elite have convinced us of such notions, we have until Nov. 8 to understand we are all the majority, that we are part of the largest voting bloc in the country. We must awaken and quickly rise up.

Are you among the 38 million who decided in the last election that division in our country is the will of God? Or that staying home on Election Day was of little consequence? The will of God? No, that was the will of men. Have you watched the news in the last 10 years?

The will of His people, as expressed at the polls, can be the beginning of a trajectory that moves toward what we desire for our lives, as well as for our children, grandchildren, and nation. Only we can take America back. God can use common, ordinary voters like us to speak His justice into being.

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Just look at what a single blue-collar man of God meant to this world. Amos spoke to a deaf people because of God’s passion for justice. I know what the 38 million of God’s people who didn’t vote in 2012 can surely do to the depraved forces that desire to fundamentally change God’s America. Sitting at home and remaining silent on Nov. 8 is no more an option than it was for Amos.

Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, Inc., and host of the nationally syndicated radio and television program “Financial Issues,” heard daily on more than 600 stations and reaching millions of households on the National Religious Broadcasters Network, BizTV, and Dove-TV. 

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