Sermon Spotlight: The Truth About Catholics and Saints

In this compelling video, Fr. Mike Schmitz talks about why we give the greater glory to God

by FaithZette Staff | Updated 15 Jul 2017 at 8:23 PM

Saints are a reminder of God’s goodness.

Father Mike Schmitz, chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota Duluth, discusses the Catholic church’s view of saints.

“Fr. Mike Schmitz wants to straighten out some confusion regarding Catholics’ veneration of saints,” the video’s description notes. “In this video he explains how — far from being icons to worship — statues and paintings of the saints are reminders of what God can do in someone’s life … Honoring the saints doesn’t take away from the glory we give God. It actually brings Him greater glory.”

Check out the video below:

Fr. Mike Schmitz's video series is courtesy of Ascension Presents.

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