Sermon Spotlight: Why Must We Suffer?

During this Lenten season, Fr. Mike Schmitz reminds us of the redemptive nature of pain

by FaithZette Staff | Updated 19 Mar 2017 at 9:49 AM

We all suffer — but sometimes our pain can be used for a higher purpose.

Fr. Mike Schmitz, chaplain for Newman Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Minnesota–Duluth and director of the Office of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth, discusses the redemptive nature of suffering.

“Books upon books have been written about the problem of suffering. Fr. Mike isn’t about to reinvent the wheel in this video, but the wisdom he shares in it ​echoes​ that of the saints. What did the saints and martyrs know about suffering that enabled them to endure so much of it? Christ didn’t give them some mystical superpower; he simply gave their suffering a purpose,” reads the video’s description on Youtube.

Take a look:

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