‘Miracle’ Twins Delivered After Their Mom Suffered Stroke

'God chose her for this purpose,' says husband and father about this highly unusual case in Brazil

by Leah Jessen | Updated 17 Jul 2017 at 9:24 AM

Doctors miraculously kept a young mother on life support for four months until she gave birth to twin babies.

The Brazilian mother, Frankielen da Silva Zampoli Padilha, 21, “died” last October after suffering a stroke due to a cerebral hemorrhage, according to multiple reports. At the time, her developing babies were just nine weeks along in the womb. Her husband had driven his pregnant wife to the hospital after she complained of a bad headache and sharp pain in the back of her neck. She passed out on the way there.

"The success of this case [came] down to great teamwork and, of course, to a divine purpose," said Dr. Dalton Rivabem, who cared for the unborn twins at Nosso Senhora do Rocio Hospital in Brazil, according to the Daily Mail.

The twins' father and the woman's husband, Muriel Padilha, 24, said it was a miracle the doctors delivered the babies in February.

"Frankielen was a generous and loving person," he told the Mail. "I believe God chose her for this purpose so a miracle could happen."

Asaph Vitoria and Anna Vitoria, the miracle boy and girl, continued to live and grow in their mother's womb long after doctors declared her brain-dead. Doctors originally thought the babies had no chance at all of survival.

"We did an ultrasound on the embryos thinking they would be failing in the womb, but to our surprise they were clinging to life," said Dr. Rivabem, head of neurological ICU at the hospital, according to the Mail.

As the babies' hearts kept beating, doctors came up with an extraordinary plan to help them survive.

"Frankielen's organs were all intact and working as if she was still with us," Rivabem said. "We [made] the decision to keep her alive to save her unborn children. And every day we watched them grow normally."

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"Staff at Nosso Senhora do Rocio hospital decorated the space around Mrs. Padilha's bed with pictures of her, sung to the unborn children and talked to the growing infants in an effort to substitute their mother's love," the Mail reported.

After 123 days, finally doctors performed an emergency cesarean section and delivered healthy, 3-pound preemie babies — before taking the mother off life support.

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Doctors kept the twins in an incubator for three months after their birth. Angela Silvanow, the children's grandmother, is taking care of the children while their father, a farmer, is at work. The couple also have an older daughter.

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