Cancer-Fighting Houston Cop Goes Extra Mile for Nearly 1,500 People

Officer said his faith always gives him strength — even Franklin Graham is impressed by this man's selfless actions

by Elisa Cipollone | Updated 07 Sep 2017 at 8:07 AM

Countless people have gone above and beyond in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey — including a police officer who is suffering from stage 4 colon cancer.

Bert Ramon, 24, a Houston law enforcement professional, helped save nearly 1,500 people in the aftermath of the hurricane, putting aside his personal illness over several days to rescue stricken victims, including children and seniors. His cancer has spread from his colon to his liver and lungs — he just finished his latest round of chemotherapy this past Sunday, according to multiple media reports.

Suffering through his illness, Ramon said it was his faith that inspired him to help.

"God answered my prayer. It came out of this flood. I hope I can inspire other cancer patients that, you know, don't let this hold you back. If you feel strong, don't let it take over your life at all," Ramon told CBS News.

He added, "As long as I feel good, I feel healthy, I'm going to go out there and work, you know? And it hasn't slowed me down yet. Thank God."

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"The brave officer had been stuck on desk duty because of his health, but when the storm hit he reported to the nearest police station, ready to help," the New York Post reported.

Faith leader Franklin Graham, who runs the Samaritan's Purse charity, wrote about Ramon's heroism on Facebook.

Graham wrote: "I'm thankful for the many, many heroes who rose up in response to the Hurricane Harvey disaster — in fact, they're still rescuing, helping, and keeping order. But did you read about 24-year veteran Police Officer Bert Ramon? He's in the middle of fighting stage 4 colon cancer, but went to work during Hurricane Harvey and ended up helping save nearly 1,500 people."

He added, "May God bless Officer Ramon and all those giving of themselves to help others during this disaster! He is an inspiration."

(photo credit, article image: RoFra)

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