A Plea to My Fellow Christians

In this election, look beyond the personalities to the platforms — this is what matters

by Alex McFarland | Updated 17 Oct 2016 at 9:19 AM

Here is a stark, vivid fact that each of us must realize: The ballot we cast this November is not so much a choice for a personality as it is about selecting a platform.

If polls are correct (and we have no guarantee of that), many Christian voters are planning to skip voting altogether. Private conversations and public call-in shows that I have participated in recently indicate that many Christians fear a vote for Donald Trump somehow connotes agreement with all that is perceived to be bad about him.

“So, Alex,” a frustrated pastor said to me recently, “I guess you’re saying character doesn’t matter in this election?”

For a Christian, the locus of decision amounts to only three things: abortion, religious freedom and appointees to the Supreme Court.

That does not necessarily follow at all. People, think with me here.

Much has been made of the 2005 recording of Trump’s now-infamous “locker room talk.” It is absolutely true that this kind of talk cannot be legitimized in any circumstance. I categorically condemn such speech by anyone. But it is equally true that in the time it has taken you to read these words — people in positions of authority have uttered equally odious things, even Christian leaders.

Many of you reading these words attend churches whose pastors surf porn sites on a daily basis. At a Christian conference in St. Louis, it was shocking to overhear a group of pastors dishing on the anatomy of the waitresses at a certain restaurant. I once heard an editor of a nationally read Christian magazine drop the “F” bomb in the context of a statement at least as bad what came from Trump’s “hot mic” tape. Yep — it’s a fallen world we’ve got here.

Christian leaders who wouldn’t dare now sully themselves by supporting that “low-life” Donald Trump — people who could influence fellow believers to get involved in saving the country — need to be reminded again just what is at stake. All of us do.

Folks, remember that “opting out” and not voting actually amounts to not using this opportunity to stand in the way of a candidate — Hillary Clinton — whose career has been all about advocating things the Word of God clearly calls evil. Hillary Clinton is on record supporting abortion (this is infanticide, otherwise known as murder). Hillary Clinton has zealously advanced the redefinition of marriage (instituted and affirmed by God) and the homosexual agenda (clearly condemned by God).

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Keep in mind these options before you: Donald Trump (a “straight talker” to the point of curling your hair) and his running mate (“solid as the rock of Gibraltar”) Gov. Mike Pence. These two men want to the following 12 things:

1.) Appoint constitutionalists and defenders of natural law to the U.S. Supreme Court.

2.) Govern in light of the assertion that all life matters.

3.) Protect our religious freedom (which Hillary Clinton wants to revoke).

4.) Defend the U.S. Constitution and respect for the rule of law.

5.) Defend citizens’ Second Amendment rights to gun ownership, and thus, self-defense.

6.) Stop burying the U.S. in debt and instead, create jobs and rebuild the economy.

7.) Fight Islamic terrorism and thus make America — and the world — a safer place.

8.) Enact responsible immigration policies that respect the welfare and wishes of U.S. citizens.

9.) Stop the deconstruction of America by creating a flow of undocumented terrorists and indigents into the country.

10.) End rampant corruption within the Department of Justice, creating a DOJ that is actually lawful and just.

11.) Restore American foreign policy and our relationship with the only stable democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

12.) Put an end to politically correct governance that is critically jeopardizing America’s future.

I could summarize the points of the other candidate’s platform — but for a Christian, the locus of decision amounts to only three things: abortion, religious freedom, and appointees to the Supreme Court.

Friend, the future of your walk and witness will be deeply impacted by the next president. On April 23, 2015, Secretary Clinton spoke of unrestricted abortion at the Women of the World Summit, stating, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.” In the first debate, Clinton emphatically stated she would not consider Supreme Court appointees who would touch Roe v. Wade.

Both candidates are flawed. But for those who cannot bring themselves to stave off Hillary by voting for Trump, I say this: Look beyond the personalities to the platforms.

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One is very much aligned with the values and DNA of everything that built America. The other is a worldview that, if fully realized, would make Huxley’s “Brave New World” look tame by comparison.

As a pastor, theologian, and citizen, I am urging my fellow believers to pray, fast, and vote. Each candidate comes with much moral baggage, and in no way am I overlooking that fact. For those who follow God and His Word, casting a ballot wisely in this election season may not be easy. But given the high-stakes nature and the issues at play — the decision of how to vote should not be difficult.

Dr. Alex McFarland is a religion and culture expert, national talk show host, speaker, and author of 17 books, including “Stand Strong America.” He also serves as director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at the Christian Worldview Center of North Greenville University in Greenville, South Carolina.

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