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FBI ‘Failed to Preserve’ Texts from Anti-Trump Mueller Staffers

Federal officials "failed to preserve" text messages from two FBI executives who were virulently opposed…

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Pence Says U.S. Troops ‘Deserve Better’ Than Dems Playing Politics

Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday told U.S. troops serving overseas that they "deserve better"…

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Trump Urges GOP Senate to Go Nuclear on Dems, Reopen Government

President Donald Trump urged Senate Republican leaders to use the upper chamber's "nuclear option" to…

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Dems Are Losing War of Schumer’s Shutdown in the Media

Democrats are losing Schumer's Shutdown war in the media, which became apparent when Rep. Luis…

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Shutdown: Democratic-Led Filibuster Stops Vote on Funding

Republicans failed Friday night to break a Democratic-led filibuster blocking a vote to keep the…

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