President Biden’s circle “fear that Donald Trump is outmaneuvering them on the auto workers’ strike with his decision to head to Detroit for a speech next week,” according to a recent Politico story.

The article, published Tuesday, revealed that former President Donald Trump was running a “more sophisticated campaign than in previous cycles — and that Biden’s operation needs to step it up.”

The United Auto Workers officially began its strike against the Big Three automakers — Ford, GM and Stellantis — on Friday. About 12,700 United Auto Workers (UAW) members are on strike, grounding production to a halt at three auto plants in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri that produce the Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler and Chevrolet Colorado, among other models. The strike marks the first time the UAW has carried out a simultaneous strike against the Big Three.

A union adviser claimed that Trump is beating out Biden on the political field, even though he is “still himself and will say and do crazy sh-t.” But, the person also told Politico, “he actually has people who know what they’re doing. He boxed Biden in. It was kinda genius.”

“Trump scooped us. Now if we announce we’re going, it looks like we’re just going because of Trump,” a Democratic strategist said. “We waited too long. That’s the challenge.”

“We should not underestimate Donald Trump,” Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., told Politico. “He’s a survivor and this is going to be a very hard-fought campaign.”

“We need a message to working-class Americans,” Khanna continued. “Right now, they’re still hurting in terms of gas prices, food prices, housing costs, utilities costs, and they don’t feel like their wages are going up fast enough, and they feel like the very wealthy are getting too much of the rewards. That’s what I heard on the picket lines.”

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