On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre denied that the United States had any involvement in or encouraged Ukraine’s alleged attempt to launch a drone assault on the Kremlin.

The Russian government claimed that two small unmanned aircraft had been shot down using electronic warfare techniques above President Vladimir Putin’s working apartment, and labeled the incident a “preplanned terrorist action” by Ukrainian soldiers and an attempt on Putin’s life.

While it is not clear what weapons were used in the attack, American-made Switchblade drones have reportedly been used previously by Ukraine to target the Belgorod region.

Additionally, the US recently provided Ukraine with Altius 600 ‘kamikaze’ drones with a range of 445 kilometers, and rocket-propelled bombs for use with HIMARS systems. Although these weapons could be used to attack Russia’s border regions, American officials have maintained that they are not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders.

This is not the first time that Ukrainian troops have conducted strikes into Russian territory since the beginning of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine last year.

American authorities have consistently denied encouraging or enabling such strikes, as Secretary of State Antony Blinken said after a drone strike on Russian military sites in December.

The US has been hesitant to provide Ukraine with long-range missiles such as ATACMS rounds, which could be used to assault Russian territory. American officials have justified this reluctance by stating that Ukraine’s plans on operations are their own decision.

Nonetheless, the US has provided Ukraine with weapons that could be used to target Russia’s border regions and tacit approval for Kiev to use these weapons against Crimea, which has been an integral part of the Russian Federation since 2014.

In response to the incident that occurred in Moscow overnight, the Kremlin claimed that Russia has the right to react “anywhere and anytime it deems necessary.”

While Putin’s administration made no mention of the nature of any retribution, Russian politician Vyacheslav Volodin urged the government to use “weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Kiev terrorist regime.”

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As tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to escalate, the US is facing mounting pressure to provide additional military support to Ukraine.

While American officials have stated that they are not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders, the provision of weapons that could be used to target Russia’s border regions raises concerns about the potential for further conflict in the region.