Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat candidate for the presidency, criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for their handling of the primary system, including a lack of debates and moving the voting in South Carolina ahead of New Hampshire on the calendar.

In an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday (full interview below), RFK Jr. expressed his disappointment with the DNC’s decision to not hold a debate, stating that “The DNC, at this point, has taken the official position that there will be no debate, and I think that’s unfortunate … I think what the DNC did to New Hampshire is also unfortunate.”

RFK Jr. was referring to the DNC’s decision to change the order of early-voting states. The DNC moved South Carolina ahead of Iowa and New Hampshire, which had traditionally been the first two states to hold primaries. This decision came after President Joe Biden did not perform well in New Hampshire, coming in fifth. RFK Jr. expressed his frustration with this decision, stating that “They took New Hampshire, and they kicked it out of first place. And now they’re gonna say they’re saying that they’re going to completely remove the delegates from New Hampshire, and that, we should be at this point in history.”

RFK Jr. emphasized the importance of New Hampshire as an “exemplar for American democracy” and the “gold standard” for election integrity, as it had been the gateway to the rest of the primaries for 100 years. He highlighted the fact that New Hampshire had the largest independent block in the country, and that candidates had to campaign extensively in the state to win over voters.

“You have to go in, and handshake people and nail salons and diners, and you get grilled. These candidates get grilled by an 80-year-old woman who reads The Economist and reads the Financial Times every day. And, you know, she asked questions about some arcane matter,” he said.

RFK Jr. argued that the DNC’s decision to change the order of the early-voting states and not hold a debate undermines the integrity of the primary system and fuels concerns about election integrity.

“There’s too many Americans who already think that the whole system is rigged against them. And this is confirmation of that. And I think that’s troubling,” he said. He called on the DNC to show that the system is not rigged and that democracy is alive and well in the United States.

While President Biden has yet to announce his candidacy for re-election, RFK Jr. and others like Marianne Williamson have declared their intention to run for the presidency. RFK Jr.’s criticism of the DNC’s handling of the primary system highlights the challenges facing the Democratic Party as they prepare for the next presidential election.

Listen to the entire interview from Brietbart: