Former President Donald Trump recently told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that he believes the movement supporting his 2024 comeback campaign is “even stronger” than the one that supported him in 2016. Trump made these comments in Indiana, which holds a special place in his political rise.

It was here where Trump finalized his insurgent takeover of the GOP in 2016, becoming the presumptive presidential nominee after he defeated Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the final primary.

Trump said that the economic nationalist movement that propelled him into the White House in 2016 is even “better and bigger” now, especially since people have seen what he can do. The former president highlighted how Indiana was a big beneficiary of his policies, including cutting taxes and regulations, which gave the state more jobs.

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Trump’s prediction that his 2024 movement is bigger than the 2016 one is particularly noteworthy, given that he made a similar prediction in 2016, where he said what was happening in the United States was much bigger than what had just happened in the United Kingdom with Brexit. Trump’s ability to tap into vast segments of the population’s energy is what fueled his 2016 victory and what he hopes will fuel another victory in 2024.

While polling shows Trump leading the GOP nomination race, he would still need to win a rematch with incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden to win a general election. Biden announced his reelection campaign earlier this week, and polling shows Trump leading Biden in 2024, but the fight is just beginning.

Trump slammed the Biden administration’s radical green agenda in the interview, saying that all-electric cars, no gas stoves, and water faucets where water doesn’t come out are ridiculous.

Trump believes that people feel like their country is slipping away from them, and they want it back. “All they want is common sense,” Trump said. “We need borders. We need good schools. We want low prices. We don’t want inflation. We want a strong military. We want no regulations or as little as possible. It’s common sense – most of it. They want that back.” Trump also highlighted the issue of drugs pouring into the country and the need to stop the invasion.

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Trump mentioned that people want to see their country back and that the movement has grown tremendously in the last month and a half. He believes that people want to stop the invasion and drugs from pouring in, citing that drugs are coming into the country now at a record level.

He also mentioned how expensive equipment can’t replace a certain type of German Shepherd and how they were left in Afghanistan for the Taliban.

Overall, Trump remains confident in his 2024 comeback campaign and believes that the movement is even stronger now than it was in 2016. He’s optimistic about his chances in the GOP nomination race and the general election, believing that people want to see their country back and stop the invasion and drugs from pouring in.