DES PLAINES, IL – A city council Alderman in Des Plaines, Illinois, shut down an angered and irrational attendee during a city council meeting earlier in January who seemed to be incensed over an upcoming event being held within the city where the founder of Gays Against Groomers is listed as a featured speaker, with the boisterous attendee lobbing the absurd claim that Gays Against Groomers is “a hate group.”

An event dubbed “Out of the Echo Chamber: A Coalition for Kids,” is slated to be held on February 8th at the Des Plaines Theater, with the brief synopsis of said event reading, “A diverse group of advocates gather together to transform the conversation on issues affecting children.”

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Among the listed speakers for said event is Jaimee Michell, who is the founder of Gays Against Groomers, whose coalition has had a monumental impact on the national conversation surrounding the harms currently facing youths amid a social climate that is attempting to normalize the sexualization of children under various progressive misnomers.

Needless to say, the defenders of grooming haven’t exactly been thrilled with the efforts brought forth by Gays Against Groomers, largely because radical activists from within the LGBTQ community have historically used their group identity as a shield against criticism.

And that strategy was effective for some time.

For years, proponents of the sexualization of children who happened to be embedded within the LGBTQ community have invoked their group identity when being called out for furthering the normalization of grooming, with said bad actors asserting that when someone criticizes their agenda, they’re attacking the LGBTQ community as a whole and are thus promulgating “hate speech.”

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But the mere existence of Gays Against Groomers completely upended the narrative being pushed by such bad actors who’d spent years enjoying the spoils of invoking a group identity to normalize means and methods that would satiate their prurient interests in children.

Furthermore, Gays Against Groomers exposed these radical activists as being nothing more than a one-trick pony, as Gays Against Groomers (again, a coalition consisting of members from within the LGBTQ community) have been ridiculously labeled as an “anti-LGBTQ” hate group by media outlets and radical activists alike.

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One individual attempting to peddle this nonsensical assertion against Gays Against Groomers was in attendance at the January 17th city council meeting in Des Plaines, Illinois, with the attendee mislabeling the coalition as “a hate group” while voicing their opposition to the Gays Against Groomers sponsored event taking place within the city in February.

However, city council Alderman Carla Brookman wasn’t in the mood to entertain the slanderous claims lobbed against the upcoming event and its featured speakers, emphasizing the diversity of the slated speakers in conjunction with Gays Against Groomers’ noble cause.

“I looked at the online invitation and the lineup of speakers at this event and it’s a very diverse guest panel, and they’re defending children and speaking of reforming education that transcends sexuality, race, heritage, and creed, together with everyday Americans united for children. That’s what it says on their online invitation. I guess I have a problem with the fact that we have people up here impugning the name and reputations of the speakers.”

As interruptions from the pro-grooming crowd in attendance started to shout their objections regarding Alderman Brookman calling attention to the absurdity of their slanderous labels being lodged against the event speakers, Alderman Brookman shut them down while showcasing how their interruptive antics reveal who the true intolerants are.

“This is my turn to speak. I listened to you, so now I have the floor and I think it demonstrates we need to respect other people’s opinions and stop labeling people…So what I want to say is that when I looked up the speakers, it’s a very diverse group of panelists that are referred to as ‘a hate group’. One is Jaimee Michell, and she is the founder of Gays Against Groomers. So, she is a member of the LGB…GQ – whatever – community…The other one is Dr. Robert Renteria, he’s a civic leader, an international award-winning Latino author from the barrio. And then P Rae, she is host of Black Excellence Hour – are you saying she is a ‘racist’ on WVON radio? Again, this demonstrates the lack of tolerance that you people are demonstrating. It shows a real lack of tolerance for opposing opinions, viewpoints, or even conversation and discussion. So, if you don’t allow discussion, that is a real problem in our society today. We have to be able to exchange viewpoints and ideas in a respectful fashion. We all listened to you and we didn’t interrupt, so I think you have to learn to show the same respect to other people.”

We at Red Voice Media had an opportunity to catch up with Gays Against Groomers’ Mario Presents, who serves as the coalition’s director of chapters, who shared the following statement regarding the continued attempts from bad actors to label the coalition a “hate group.”

“The smears and attempts to label an all LGBT organization as a hate group for opposing queer theory and gender ideology only serves to show their true intent. Calling our organization Gays Against Groomers was strategic because the incessant attempts to shut down our voice reinforces the idea that they are in fact groomers intent on indoctrinating kids without parental consent.”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on January 19, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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