Prominent YouTuber Ethan Klein, who is no stranger to delivering controversial statements via his sizeable platform online, has found himself embroiled in controversy yet again after comments recently made on his podcast where he proclaimed he wanted to perform a “mock execution of Jesus Christ” on Christmas day.

On December 1st, Klein was seated alongside his cohost Hasan Piker for their “Leftovers” podcast, where the two rendered commentary regarding the likes of Kanye West and Nick Fuentes and the topical controversies involving the tumultuous figures.

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Just shy of 90 minutes into the two-hour podcast, after reacting to one of Fuentes’ videos where he proclaimed the Jews crucified Jesus Christ, Klein delved into a tirade where he began to ridicule Jesus’ sacrifice and declared that if he were given the opportunity, he’d personally perform the crucifixion himself.

“But the whole thing of being mad that like, quote unquote, the Jews killed Jesus, which obviously is like antisemitic propaganda, of course it was the Romans who killed him. But regardless of that, I mean, it’s debated if he even existed in the way that they know, so it’s like whatever we’re debating is silly. But isn’t that the whole reason why Christianity exists? Because he died? Like it was all part of his plan, why are you mad at Jews for killing Jesus? He’s God, the mother fucker is infallible God, like, this is all – why you mad at me, bro? This is what he wanted. You know, what the fuck did I do? I was just doing my part. So, you can sit in your parents’ basement and cry about it, mother fucker. And I do it again! Give me the spear bitch! I’ll do it again…If Jesus was here on a cross, I’d spear him…Give me the hammer and spikes, I’m putting his ass up there…I’ll do it again. I liked it the first time and I’ll do it again, Nick! I’m getting on a call with all my Jewish brothers and sisters…You know what I’m planning this Christmas? A mock execution of Jesus Christ dedicated to Nick Fuentes.”

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As seen on the clip from the podcast, even Klein’s cohorts on the show were a bit uneasy with his rant about wanting to perform a mock execution of Jesus. In an effort to clean up the diatribe, Klein later attempted to chalk up the distasteful rant to being nothing more than a joke.

But as mentioned earlier, Klein has a history with controversial comments made on his podcast.

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This past May, we at Red Voice Media reported on how Klein called for the literal bombing of an NRA conference that was being held in Houston, Texas.

“So, there was a big protest outside of the NRA meeting which was good. Do we have any insight into what they’re actually talking about there at the NRA meeting that’s today in Texas? Someone should bomb that building.”

Just like with his rant about wanting to perform a mock crucifixion of Jesus, Klein also tried laughing off him suggesting to bomb the NRA conference, saying, “I got a little carried away there. Nobody bomb the building, alright? I take that back…I took it – I got a little passionate there. Let’s roll it back.”

Back in October, Klein also drew an onslaught of negative press after he asserted that if there were to be another Holocaust, he’d hope that Ben Shapiro would be “gassed first.”

“I was just going to say, if there was another Holocaust…I was just going to say again if they start rounding up the Jews, I hope Ben gets gassed first.”

During that same October podcast episode, Klein justified his comments by claiming, “I am Jewish by the way, just for the record, 99.7% Ashkenazi Jew, bitch,” later adding, “Nobody can even step to me, I am the king of the Jews.”

Despite Klein’s claims of being unstoppable, his YouTube account was temporarily suspended for violating the platform’s guidelines around antisemitic content/statements.

These are just a few of the controversies stemming from Klein and his comments made on his podcast, but the abovementioned incidents spanning over a period of a few months demonstrate his unusual fixation with violent rhetoric and attempts to brush off such diatribes as jokes or hyperbole.

But what Klein’s comments about Jesus really shines a light on is how it is socially acceptable to denigrate the Christian faith, where one can literally mock the figure at the center of the faith to the point where they can assert a desire to kill Jesus Christ – and make such flippant comments without any sort of tangible blowback.

It’s hard to render an honest observation of the discourse surrounding various religions and not draw the conclusion that the only faith completely safe to routinely shit on is Christianity – and Klein’s comments are just a result of that sort of acceptability within modern American culture.

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on December 6, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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