COLLEGE STATION, TX – A Texas-based nurse was fired from her nursing job earlier in 2022 after she refused to participate in an “implicit bias” training program where the core tenet of the course is that all white people are racist solely because they’re white.

Laura L. Morgan had been in the medical field for decades, emphasizing in an article featured in the Wall Street Journal that for 39 years, she’d been “providing equal care to all my patients without regard to their race.”

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But her job with Baylor Scott & White Health came to an end in early 2022 after she refused to “falsely admit to being racist” by way of a mandatory “implicit bias” training that is “grounded in the idea that I’m racist because I’m white.”

The mandatory training was thrust upon Morgan back in September of 2021 during Baylor Scott & White Health’s annual rollout of training modules. When Morgan reviewed the “Overcoming Unconscious Bias” interactive training module, she was troubled by how the course presented an indisputable fact that all white people are racist, and thus all white people need to address the matter.

Morgan had decided to contact her supervisor after reviewing the contents of the training program, asking her supervisor to set up a meeting with the chief nursing officer and the human resources director. However, the chief nursing officer “sent a surrogate,” and the human resources director didn’t even bother to attend.

Two meetings were held regarding the training module, and Morgan soon realized that she wasn’t going to be afforded an exemption despite the fact she objected to the concept of having to falsely admit to being a racist. The nurse of nearly four decades noted her supervisor had even told her, “I don’t want you to die on this cross.”

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But this was an issue that Morgan simply couldn’t concede on, as she couldn’t come to terms with attributing to herself a breed of fictitious racism while also agreeing (as it was part of the training program) to render “preferential treatment for the nonwhite” patients.

“The idea of implicit bias is grounded in the belief that white people treat those who aren’t white worse than those who are. It’s part of the woke assumption that society, including healthcare, suffers from “systemic racism.” Accordingly, my own supposed implicit bias, which is a euphemism for ingrained racism, must be rooted out. Not only that, it must be replaced with preferential treatment for the nonwhite. I fail to see how real racial discrimination is justified by my nonexistent racism.”

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Needless to say, Morgan did wound up being fired from her position in February of 2022, resulting in her going “from a six-figure job to zero income.”

Morgan says that these sorts of mandatory trainings within the field of nursing are becoming more common than one would think. For instance, the Kentucky Board of Nursing, as of this past July, is requiring all registered nurses to take a continuing course on implicit bias to maintain their licensure.

For the sake of seeing what this implicit bias course mandated for Kentucky nurses was composed of, Morgan decided to drop the $5 and take the online course that was created by the Kentucky Nurses Association – and, of course, it peddled the same sort of drivel about how all white are racist.

“Nurses are told that ‘implicit bias kills’ and that white privilege is a ‘covert’ form of racism. The course walks nurses through their possible contributions to ‘modern-day lynchings in the workplace.'”

And in Michigan, all license-bearing medical professionals are required to take implicit bias training, which Morgan says of the Michigan requirement that the “training must be taken at every license renewal, which sends the message that racism is essentially permanent and incurable.”

Massachusetts also kicked in a mandatory implicit bias training for doctors this past June, and Maryland just rolled out theirs on October 1st for “all healthcare practitioners.”

Morgan points out that no one within these state boards of medicine or nursing having provided any reliable evidence to the claim that all white people are implicitly biased and that research shows that attempting to test the existence of implicit bias is “flawed.”

Furthermore, Morgan predicts that as more of these mandates creep into the medical profession, it will result in the field as a whole – to include patients – being harmed.

“Accusing my peers and me of racism will contribute to soaring levels of burnout, causing many to leave the medical profession. Some, like me, will surely be forced out. Patients, especially minorities, will experience the most harm. Their caregivers are being told to admit to unconscious racism. Why would you see a physician who supposedly hates you and will hurt your health?”

This piece was written by Gregory Hoyt on October 2, 2022. It originally appeared on and is used with permission.

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