A bizarre scene unfolded at the Odessa Regional Medical Hospital in Texas on Monday when an irate man ran through a nursery wing of the medical center and snatched a baby. With medical staff reacting accordingly, the suspect didn’t necessarily try to flee the scene, but instead rambled uncontrollably. To make matters worse, before the Odessa police department could arrive, the man choked the baby and yelled at it to “die”. Thankfully, the staff saved the baby and subdued the individual from hurting another child or mother.

According to a police report, the suspect was 18-year-old Marcus McCowan Jr. He was originally at the medical center with his girlfriend, who was in labor at the time. One nurse recalled the odd behavior shown by McCowan before he decided to attack an innocent baby and mother. The nurse detailed how he grabbed her arm and started to mutter something they couldn’t make out. When asked to leave, McGowan transitioned his attention to a mother and child who were waiting to be discharged.

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Your Basin, a news outlet based in Texas, wrote, “McCowan then reportedly approached a new mom who was holding her newborn in a baby carrier while waiting to be discharged. The nurses said McCown began focusing his attention on the newborn, but briefly walked away when the new mother moved her child from his line of sight. A short time later, nurses said they heard stomping and then saw McCowan running toward them at full speed while yelling and screaming.”

The Odessa Police Department added, “During this altercation, McCowan resisted the officers and attempted to take one of their firearms from its holster. The officers were able to take McCowan into custody. This is still a very active investigation, and numerous charges are pending. The victims of this assault are listed as two infants, two nurses, and one Odessa Police Officer. The Odessa Police Department is working with ORMC staff to ensure the safety of all hospital residents. As more details emerge, we will update further.”

While in custody, Marcus McCowan now faces numerous charges including Assault, Assault of a Public Servant, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Trespass, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Attempted Capital Murder.

Users online voiced their anger on the situation, writing:

  • It is simply unbelievable how many severely mentally ill people are roaming the streets in this country. It seems as though the number of severely mentally ill people in this country has exploded exponentially in recent years.
  • How did this jerk GET INTO THE NURSERY? Where is the LIMITED ACCESS AREA connected to the nursery where only AUTHORIZED STAFF can get in via electronic means? There are way too many questions for this incident.
  • What’s it going to take to start building mental institutions and using them? Violence is on the rise and everyone is ignoring it. Society is breaking down