Before the 2020 election, it was difficult for either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to compete with the size and scope of the Black Lives Matter movement. Gaining position in Washington D.C. and even Hollywood, the slogan-turned-movement appeared to be untouchable. Although the Black Lives Matter protests came with looting, violence, and a surge of crime, they were presented as a necessary force. That was until accusations of fraud and numerous scandals hovered over Black Lives Matter. Now, with the Democrats and Hollywood turning away, it seems that Sharon Osbourne wants the money she donated back.

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Like many supporters of Black Lives Matter, Sharon Osbourne feels cheated out of her money due to the group being wrapped up in fraud lawsuits. Speaking with TMZ about Black Lives Matter, Osbourne demanded, “Well, we gave $900,000 to [Black Lives Matter], and I’d like my money back, please.” The comments from the 69-year-old come shortly after Kayne West made headlines for wearing a White Lives Matter shirt at his fashion show.

Sharon Osbourne also touched on the backlash Kayne West received and admitted he should not be canceled for his opinion. “I don’t understand why white lives don’t matter. I don’t understand it. It’s not my culture. Everybody matters, don’t they?” She advised critics to ignore him simply. “Don’t go to his social media. Don’t listen to his music. Leave the guy alone. Let him do what he does, and if you don’t like him, do that. Leave him alone.”

Showing that he stands by his initial statement, Kayne West wrote on his Instagram Story on Thursday, “Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam. Now it’s over. You’re welcome.” Among those who accompanied West to his fashion show was political commentator Candace Owens. She also wore a White Lives Matter shirt.

An insider close to Kayne West suggested the star believes in giving both sides a voice. “He thinks it’s a PC thing. He wants to give a voice to the ‘other side [of the race debate in America]. He doesn’t understand why people aren’t seeing that.”

Online users seemed to side with Kayne West on Black Lives Matter being nothing but a scam. “BLM is a racist movement that is a scam. Leaders at BLM stole millions. White Lives do Matter, and anyone that says otherwise is a racist.” Another person added, “Sharon, you and ‘YE’ are leading the way for the Hollywood House of woke cards to come tumbling down! Long overdue!”

While not on topic, one person claimed, “Kanye’s clothing lines look as if they are designed for the post-apocalypse. Maybe he is a genius? He’s cornering the market in the post-apocalyptic world! I would trade two whole tins of tuna fish for that outfit!”