Although the Democrats believe it to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory, many Republicans have questioned the 2020 election. Since the election was called for Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump criticized the entire process. Not to mention the numerous lawsuits still going on over the election results. While Trump focuses on the 2020 election, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently discussed the practice of ranked-choice voting and how it was created to help the Democrats achieve more power.

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For those who might not know what ranked choice voting is, according to Breitbart News, “’ Ranked choice voting’ — approved by referendum in Alaska in 2020 and first applied in 2022 — removes the standard voting protocol of an individual voter selecting one candidate on a ballot. Instead, voters using ranked choice voting assign a numerical rank to multiple candidates rather than voting for one preferred candidate.”

Sarah Palin talked with the editor at Breitbart News, Adrienne Ross, about how the system will lead to more Democrats being elected and “destroy our country before we even know it. I am just sounding that alarm that it’s this bad. I don’t want this to happen to any other electorate, in any city, in any state. Alaska is kind of this test case right now where we have elements of a perfect bad storm. We have lax voter-ID laws. We have a long election cycle where mail-in ballots can be mailed in for — gosh — it seems like months if not many weeks.”

The former Governor added, “Those are just a couple of aspects that create kind of this distrust of people in the process, and we cannot afford to have people not trust free and fair elections in our communities, in our states, in our nation, or we’re going to go under. It’s not winner-take-all. You rank the candidates… Then a process of elimination via an algorithm in a computer takes votes and distributes it to other candidates if the person that you did choose as your number-one pick didn’t end up on top.”

Showing just how absurd ranked choice voting is, Sarah Palin admitted to the ballot being 26 pages long. “The ballot question that asked whether we wanted ranked choice voting, it was 26 pages long, the explanation. That right there should have told people, ‘Hey, wait.’ Anything that you can’t explain concisely, it’s no good when it comes to government. This was written for Lisa Murkowski — and she’s a RINO — to keep her in the U.S. Senate because she can’t run and win as a normal Republican in Alaska because people figured her out. It was her attorney who wrote this thing.”

It should be noted that FiveThirtyEight ran numerous simulation elections between Senator Lisa Murkowski and her opponent Kelly Tshibaka. Tshibaka, who is backed by Donald Trump, beat Murkowski 52 out of 100 times.