While California Governor Gavin Newsom attacks Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, citizens who still reside in the Democratic stronghold have witnessed the massive surge in violence and crime. Just a few years ago, Democrats supported the Black Lives Matter movement and the notion that defunding police would create some type of utopia. Now, residents of Stockton might be dealing with a serial killer as police released a video of a suspect they believe is connected to the killing of six men in the last 18 months.

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Revealing some security footage in their possession, the video shows nothing more than an individual walking past. The person wore jeans, a hoodie, a beanie, and even a COVID-19 mask. The only defining trait seen in the video was that he walked with an “uneven stride.” And that is exactly why the police decided to release the footage. Police Chief Stanley McFadden admitted, “We don’t know what the motive is. What we do believe is that it’s mission-oriented. This person is on a mission. I have absolutely no answer as to why that pistol went dormant for over 400 days.”

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Although the police showed the footage, they were adamant that the person is not being charged at this time. They pleaded with the public that they wanted to speak with the person about the ongoing investigation. One of the victims, Paul Alexander Yaw, was shot during the early hours of the morning. Taken to a nearby hospital, he sadly passed away. His mother, Greta Bogrow, said, “He was my son, a father, a grandson, nephew, cousin and brother and was loved by many. He has left a huge hole in our hearts, and I hope they catch the person(s) responsible before this happens again.”

Other victims of the serial killer include Salvador William Dubedy Jr., 43, Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, Juan Cruz, 52, and Lorenzo Lopez, 54. The first shooting from the suspect happened back in April of 2021 in Oakland. Not a few weeks later, a black woman was shot in Stockton. Thankfully, she survived the shooting.

Expressing the dedication of the police department, Chief Stanley McFadden said the department reviewed hundreds of hours worth of footage. “What makes these cases so challenging is that there are no witnesses due to the location, the timing, the lack of light.” With no motive, He added, “We feel they are interconnected somehow. To what extent, we just don’t know at this time. By definition, you could very well call this a serial killer. It doesn’t fit with what we are accustomed to seeing with gang homicides. One of our victims was a white male, so we have no indication that these are hate crimes. Some of them did have homes. Some even lived in the area, but not all were unhoused.”

Police are currently advising citizens of Stockton to stay aware and don’t walk alone at night.