For months, the Democrats accused concerned parents of being nothing more than domestic terrorists as they criticized school boards around the country for what was being taught to their children. Even now, there is an ongoing debate on if teachers should keep a student’s gender identity a secret from their parents. This is on top of numerous pieces of literature being found that discussed sexual orientation and gender identity. While the Democrats seemed focused on educating the youth of tomorrow, a Washington, D.C. mother is irate after a video showed a teacher putting her son in a chokehold. And to make it worse, apparently, the school didn’t find it important to notify the mother until after she saw the footage herself.

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An investigation into the matter was opened after Danielle Johnson said her 16-year-old son was placed in a chokehold by a teacher trying to make him leave the classroom. The incident happened at the Ballou High School. Although Johnson admitted that her son was horseplaying before the altercation, that didn’t warrant her son being mistreated and handled in such a way. “The teacher asked my child to be removed. My child said he could walk on his own. He can walk alone. He didn’t need for the teacher to grab him by his arm and proceed to try to drag him out of the class.”

According to Danielle Johnson, the teacher didn’t automatically grab her son. Instead, the teacher supposedly left the room to get assistance from the dean of students. The footage, which can be watched above, showed the teacher returning to the class. Johnson wondered, “Once you went to go get the dean of students, why do you go back in to escalate more and more and more?”

Releasing a statement of their own, the DC Public Schools, noted, “DC Public Schools is committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment conducive to the learning and success of all students. At one of our schools, an interaction between a staff member and a student took place where the individual engaged in conduct that does not meet the standards and expectations of DCPS staff toward the student. While we cannot discuss personnel matters, the school took immediate steps to report the incident to the appropriate DCPS departments for further investigation.”

As mentioned above, the incident wasn’t the only problem Danielle Johnson had with the school as they never contacted her until she reached out. “When I got to the school, I couldn’t get to my child. I had to wait at least 20 minutes before I even had known that my child was okay.” Luckily, the mother said that her son is doing well now and she hopes to move forward.