No longer allowing the Democrats to simply ignore the problem, Republican Governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis decided to bus and fly migrants to northern states like New York and Massachusetts. Since May, over 15,000 migrants have been sent to New York, and while the Democrats appear to defend migrants traveling to the border, they are struggling to find a way to house all the people. It should be noted that over 2 million migrants have crossed the border, and Democrats are stressing only over 15,000. Still exploring all options, it appears that New York City Mayor Eric Adams is currently working on a deal with major cruise lines to use their vessels to house migrants.

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Not giving away too many details on the plan, Eric Adams stated during a news conference, “When we get an announcement of any type of deal, we will make it public with a level of transparency. And so any premature announcement of a deal that was reached, they know more than I do.”

While Mayor Adams might be silent, Norwegian Cruise Line told reporters that the Democrat was looking to lease a ship for six months. During that time, migrants would be free to come and go as they wish. The ship would only be used to house and process the migrants while in New York. Another option being considered is to erect a tent city, much like the one being planned in the Bronx. But experts admitted that such a city would cost $15 million a month. Using a cruise ship is considered a cheaper option.

Already pleading with the White House for a staggering $500 million to help fight the influx of migrants, Eric Adams received criticism for his cruise idea from Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella. He said, “This thing is still very preliminary, which is good because how is this becoming a Staten Island problem? This is a federal problem. Also, this pier is problematic. There’s no electricity there. Whatever they’re doing here, it’s unsustainable. I am not for this cruise. Let’s avoid cruising for a bruising. What’s next? RVs on the street? These problems should not become Staten Island’s problem.”

US Rep. Nicole Malliotakis chimed in, adding, “This is a ludicrous idea that could only come out of an incompetent administration. Both Biden and Adams refuse to address the root of the problem and, instead, continue to incentivize illegal immigration. Secure our borders, reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico,’ and add judges to hear legitimate asylum cases quickly. Democrats have abdicated their responsibility, but when Republicans take the House, we will put an end to this nonsense.”

Tim Hitchcock, who has lived on Staten Island his whole life, concluded, “I don’t like any plan where they take a bunch of people, throw a label on them and throw them all in one place. I don’t think it allows people to become involved in society as equal people. You’ve labeled them, and then all of a sudden, it just puts everybody three steps backward towards any kind of assimilation.”