Just a few years ago, the Cuomo brothers were top names in Washington, D.C. Not only was Andrew Cuomo the former Governor of New York, but Chris Cuomo had a prime job at CNN. Using their status, the two brothers appeared to work flawlessly together. That all came crashing down with accusations that started to follow Andrew. Not to mention his failed efforts to cover up the number of COVID-19 cases in New York. Watching the dominoes fall, Andrew lost his job as Governor, and Chris soon found that CNN was looking to go in a different direction. But it seems that Chris still might have a future in the news as he debuted his new show “Cuomo” on NewsNation.

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Not shying away from his past with CNN, Chris Cuomo quickly addressed his new role at NewsNation and appeared to criticize his former network at the same time. In the video, which can be watched below, he admitted the goal at NewsNation was to empower the viewers and try to get them involved. He added, “It’s new. No Groupthink established here. No audience that has been conditioned to favor one team or ideology. After all, NewsNation refers to you, America, you are the NewsNation. We will keep the focus on your interests. As we cover the elections, we will bring it home here like no one else can we have 200 affiliates. No-one can match that number or that reach.”

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While Chris Cuomo might be back on the air, that doesn’t mean life is back to normal. According to the New York Post, the host is only getting paid a fraction of what he pulled in at CNN. The news anchor reportedly took a massive pay cut as he joined NewsNation, “insiders told The Post in July. He was believed to have been banking roughly $6 million a year for his CNN gig and is speculated to be bringing in just $1 million for his new gig, according to sources. ‘I don’t think he had a lot of leverage,’ one source, referring to Cuomo’s contract, said at the time. ‘He’s damaged goods.'”

The New York Post did more than share his salary, they also pointed to how the cable network was asking employees to promote Chris Cuomo on social media. “‘This is going to be like SiriusXM — with Chris instead of Howard Stern,’ one source griped. Employees at NewsNation — launched less than two years ago, with ratings that are a tiny fraction of CNN’s — are likewise bristling over a recent request to plug Cuomo’s new show at the bottom of their email signatures, sources told On the Money. ‘It’s all about Chris,’ said another apoplectic source. ‘Can you believe they are asking employees to all plug Chris and not their own shows?'”

Users online offered their advice, explaining, “These people just don’t seem to get it. It’s not the show people don’t like, it’s YOU!!”